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SEGA Carnival World Ranking Contest #1 (1/3 - 2/14)
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Author:  Nettare [ Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:57 pm ]
Post subject:  SEGA Carnival World Ranking Contest #1 (1/3 - 2/14)


Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many SEGA Carnival World Ranking contests! Compete in a variety of categories spanning across Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for a shot at a mystery prize!

How to Participate
There are twelve categories. For each category you participate in, you can receive a maximum of four points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the scoring period (Valentines' Day) wins. You are not obligated to compete in all of them, but doing so increases your chances of winning. Placing first in a category rewards you with three points, second with two points, and third with one point. Submit your records by posting in this thread or in the #grandstander channel in the Discord with a screenshot or photo.

Additionally, Sonic Adventure is our "special" game this time around - clearing the mission for each category in will give you one extra point. Each World Ranking contest will have something like this, so be on the lookout!

Sonic Adventure
  • Time Attack in Speed Highway (Sonic)
    Mission - Clear in 1'15"00 or lower
  • Score Attack in Sand Hill (Tails)
    Mission - Achieve 13,000 points or higher
  • Ring Attack in Lost World (Knuckles)
    Mission - Collect 200 Rings or higher
  • Time Attack in Hot Shelter (Amy)
    Mission - Clear in 3'30"00 or lower
  • Time Attack in Windy Valley (Gamma)
    Mission - Clear in 10'30"00 or higher
  • Boss Sub-Game (Big)
    Mission - Clear in 0'10"00 or lower

Sonic Adventure 2
  • Score Attack in City Escape (Sonic)
  • Score Attack in Eternal Engine (Tails)
  • Score Attack in Aquatic Mine (Knuckles)
  • Score Attack in Radical Highway (Shadow)
  • Score Attack in Cosmic Wall (Eggman)
  • Score Attack in Security Hall (Rouge)

  • Only official releases are allowed. No mods permissable, other than the XInput mod and precise framelimiter for SADXPC 2004.
  • Glitches and exploits are allowed - however, you must not, by any method, freeze the timer or infinitely increment the Rings/points counter.
  • For Knuckles & Rouge stages, you may not deliberately dig for Rings in an effort to maximize your total.
  • A screenshot or photo is required as "proof" for each record submitted.
  • In the event of a tie in the Ring Attack category, the players' time will be used to settle the dispute. In any other category, the players will simply compete again with their prior records being rendered void.
Just what is that mystery prize? I guess you'll have to enter to find out... :behold:

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