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 Post subject: Sonic Timeline
PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:51 am 
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Rocky Road
Rocky Road
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This is an improved and more accurate version of the Sonic Events Timeline I made on Chao Island in 2011. The logic is the same as that timeline, namely that based on certain clues in the Adventure games, such as photos of Gerald and Maria Robotnik being in black and white, Project Shadow must occur sometime around 1962 or 1963. All other dates are extrapolated from this fixed point in time. Games are assumed to occur in order of release unless otherwise noted. The main difference from my old timeline is that this one tries to more accurately determine the passage of time that took place between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Battle; this necessitated readjusting birthdays and such, since that was the point where modern Sonic games layed out everyone's ages. All BC dates are of course approximations since the games never give precise figures for the huge timespans that bridge events in the distant past.

8000 BC- Dark Gaia awakening. Construction of Gaia Temples.[1]
3000 BC- Astral Babylon arrives on Earth. Gigan Device constructed.[2]
2675- Stolen becomes leader of the Babylon Rogues.
Babylon Rogues invent the Magic Carpet.[3]
2674- Babylon Garden falls into the desert of Monopole and the Babylon Rogues are scattered.
2600 BC- Echidna empires expand and build structures throughout the world, including the Master Emerald altar. Long peace between Echidna clans.[4]
2037 BC- Birth of Pachacamac.[5]
1999 BC- Birth of Tikal.[6]
1985-1982 BC- Knuckles Clan/Nocturnus war. Creation of Angel Island.[7] Creation of Emerl.[8] Argus Event.[9]
15 BC- Glyphic Canyon transported to Earth by the Black Arms.[10]
1811- Eggman arrives from the future to seed the Little Planet with badnik generators; Sonic arrives as well to cleanse the past of his influence. Metal Sonic created on the Little Planet.[11]
1953- Birth of Maria Robotnik.[12]
1963- Project Shadow begins.[13]
January 27, 1963- Biolizard is created on the Space Colony ARK.[14]
October 1965- Shadow the Hedgehog is created. The ARK raid takes place.
1995- Birth of Vector the Crocodile.
1997- Birth of Rouge the Bat. Birth of Big the Cat. Birth of Wave the Swallow.
1998- Birth of Mighty the Armadillo.[15]
Feburary 2, 1999- Birth of Knuckles the Echidna on Angel Island.
1999- Birth of Espio the Chameleon. Birth of Princess Elise III to the Duke of Soleanna.[16]
June 23, 2000- Sonic is born on Christmas Island.[17]
2001- Birth of Jet the Hawk.
2002- Birth of Blaze the Cat.
2003- Birth of Amy Rose.
2006- Project Solaris fails.[18]
2007- Birth of Miles Prower on Cocoa Island.
2009- Birth of Charmy Bee. Birth of Cream the Rabbit.
2011- Events of Sonic 1 and Sonic 1 (Game Gear).
December 2011- Events of Sonic CD.[19]
2012- Events of SegaSonic Arcade.
2014- Events of Tails Adventure.[20] Events of Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles [21], Sonic 4 Episode I, Tails Sky Patrol, Sonic 2 (Game Gear), Sonic 4 Episode Metal[22], Sonic 4 Episode II, Knuckles' Chaotix, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Mania[23], Sonic 3D Blast: Flicky's Island, and Sonic R.
June 2015- Events of Sonic Adventure[24] and Sonic Shuffle
July 2015- Sonic Adventure 2 takes place[25]
August 2015- Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 take place
September 2015- Sonic Heroes[26] and Sonic Pinball Party take place
October 2015- Shadow the Hedgehog takes place
November 2015- Sonic Battle takes place[27]
December 2015- Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Rush take place
Early 2016- Events of Sonic Riders, Sonic 06, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Rivals 2, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Colors.
June 23, 2016- Events of Sonic Generations.[28]
July 2016- Events of Sonic Lost World. Events of Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite, Sonic Forces: Moment of Truth, Sonic Forces: Stress Test, Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow, and Sonic Forces: Looming Shadow.
December 2016- Events of Sonic Forces.[29]
2018- Events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.[30]
2202- Birth of Silver the Hedgehog.[31]
2211- Sonic and Eggman fight in the Little Planet's Bad Future.
2216- Silver travels to the past. Eggman Nega travels to the past.

1-"These ancient documents are known as the Gaia Manuscripts. They tell the legend of a disaster that befell our planet some tens of thousands of years ago."
2-; for my reasoning on the dating of the Babylonians' arrival see here.
3- Stolen was the thirteenth leader of the Babylon Rogues, meaning there were twelve preceeding generations before they invented Extreme Gear.
4- Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (Nintendo DS) United States instruction booklet, pg. 4. "4,000 years ago, the two rival clans of the planet's dominant Echidnas race had been blessed with centuries of peace, albeit strained, but such days were to be short-lived. The expanding borders of the Knuckles' Clan empire and the Nocturnus Clan empire were pushing against each other, and neither side was intent on yielding."
5- Pachacamac's age is given as 52 in Sonic Adventure Navigation Guide
6-; other character ages also taken from Sonic Channel.
7- ... ure-osg-t2, ... faqs/54230
9- Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Codex, "The "Argus Event" is the name given to the mysterious disappearance of the Nocturnus Clan and their appearance in the Twilight Cage. It was coined by a Nocturnus historian named Nestor the Wise soon after the Nocturnus arrived in the Twilight Cage. The term refers to a strange phenomenon that all Nocturnus echidnas experienced when they first arrived. At the moment the Nocturnus disappeared, all members of the Nocturnus Clan heard a voice in their minds say something that like "Argus." No one has yet been able to explain what this meant."
11- I've previously argued that the past and future eras of the Little Planet are separated from the present by about 200 years, based on the deterioration of Eggman's robots in Sonic CD when compared to Omega being able to remain operational for 200 years in Sonic 06.
12- ... 66db37.jpg
13- It was a letter addressed to Professor Gerald from the President of its time, 13 Presidents ago, confidentially requesting him some new research. The subject of the letter is as follows: "Mankind's ultimate eternal dream, researching for immortality." Assuming a four year term of office, 13 presidents is 52 years.
14- ... file_2.png
16- Sonic Next Gen Production Script.
17- Early materials give Sonic's birthplace as Christmas Island;
19- Going off the old calculation from Amy's age being given as eight in Sonic CD and twelve in modern games, CD takes place four years before Sonic Adventure. The American manual also states the Little Planet appears in the last month of the year. Sonic CD is also assumed to occur shortly after Sonic 1 on account of their similarities (Tails is absent; Sonic has his older sprite design; he hasn't learned how to Spin Dash yet).
21-Knuckles' original age in the Mega Drive and Saturn era was 15, so following the old chronology, the Death Egg trilogy is placed one year before Sonic Adventure.
22- Since Sonic 4 depicts Metal Sonic leaving the Little Planet for the first time, those episodes must take place before his appearance in other classic era games like Chaotix and Triple Trouble.
23- Since Mania features cameos of characters from Sonic the Fighters it presumably takes place after that game.
24- "I feel great! There's nothing like swimming pools and the ocean in the summer!"
25- Enough time passed between SA and SA2 for newspapers to report on the events of the first game.
26- Sonic Heroes manual page 10, "Amy, crazily in love with Sonic as always, is concerned that she hasn't had any contact for over a month."
27- Sonic Battle was released before Heroes but obviously takes place after Shadow has regained his memories.
28- Since Sonic celebrates his birthday in Generations, we would assume it takes place at least a full year after SA where the characters' modern ages were introduced.
30- Chronicles takes place two years after Eggman's previous defeat.
31-Sonic Generations: BradyGames Official Strategy Guide. "Crisis City originally appeared in the 15th anniversary edition of Sonic the Hedgehog, also known as Sonic 2006. The stage is set 200 years in the future, in an alternate timeline where a giant monster named Iblis has been unleashed following the plane crash of Princess Elise III of Soleanna."

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 Post subject: Re: Sonic Timeline
PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:20 am 
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Rocky Road
Rocky Road
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there wouldnt happen to be any contradictions you might have found would there

 Post subject: Re: Sonic Timeline
PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:24 am 
"Get a load of this!"
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Rocky Road
Rocky Road
Joined: Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:44 pm
Posts: 144
Well the whole "classic era characters literally look like their classic era art style" thing makes absolutely no sense, and I try to ignore it, but Sonic 4 taking place before Sonic Mania is all kinds of weird.

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